What an age we live in! Look up products right from your desk.

backend menuCustomer service. It’s what we do!

And thanks to the advances that People’s Co-op has made in the wide world of technology we now have at our disposal several tools to help us provide better customer service than ever before. Take, for example, our web-based POS backend. Your […]

PDF: one document format to unite us all

PDF IconWe live in an age of vibrant techno-diversity. We have computing platforms galore from Windows and Mac, to the countless variations of Linux. We have MS Office, and OpenOffice.org, and NeoOffice, and StarOffice, JOffice, Simdesk, and way more to choose from for our word processing and spreadsheeting needs. […]

Mac tips: Navigate and highlight text using the keyboard

Apple Modifier Keys

We spend a lot of time on the computer in text-based applications like Mail and Word. Switching your right hand back and forth between the keyboard and mouse to select things or move the cursor can really slow you down when you are feeling the flow. So for […]

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