Wanting to share the awesome: Periodic printmaking

periodic printsNothing work or technology related here today.  But i did stumble upon this absolutely stunning little art project employing 96 artists and all manner of print-making.  Can you intaglio awesome?  Check out the whole thing here.  And click on each one for big versions of each.

A Joel’s-eye-view


I spent about 5 minutes in photoshop stitching together these snaps i took from my phone during the Jan. CM meeting. The finished product made me giggle so i thought i’d share.

The real one is BIG. You can see it on flickr. Here.  Don’t forget to scroll to the […]

[Fannie] Look! It’s a new report.

item sales menu2This ones geared more towards the buyers (but–if you’re a geek like me–then looking at our numbers can be really fun):

Maybe you’ve already noticed. Perhaps you haven’t. There’s a new report under the reports menu in Fannie. It’s called Item Sales, and this one can […]

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