How to change your password

If you ever find call to change your existing login password—and you might—here’s how you can do it:

Go to your System Preferences, either from your dock, or through the Apple menu.  Click on Accounts, see?…


In the Accounts preferences you can now change your password.  The window looks different depending on which version of the operating system is currently installed.  You’ll either be presented with two password fields to change (in 10.3) or a Change Password… button (in 10.4).   Look!  Visuals:


(this is the password window on panther or OS X 10.3)


(this is the password window on tiger or OS X 10.4)

You’ll be asked to enter your current password before being allowed to set a new one.  When you are done just close the Accounts preferences window.  Yup.  That’s all.  Next time you log in you can use your new password.  You may need to update your mail program with the new password.  And finally, if you should be asked about updating your keychain just say yes or Change All…

For the obsessively security-conscious among you you are now free to change your passwords everyday or as you see fit.

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