10 Principles That Might Make Your Work Better or May Make It Worse

I like this post on AisleOne a lot, i especially like the intro:

I hate the word “tip.” It implies that there’s something that you don’t know. Some secret little gem that, when sprinkled on your work, your creative process, your diet, or your sex life will magically make it all better….Tips are easy. And shallow. […]

Added security for your desktop, part II

padlock menubar

Stumbled across this post on Mac desktop locking and and learned a few things myself.  They cover the Keychain Access method.  They also highlight some nifty/useful widgets and preference panes.

Via UsingMac.com: Lock Your Mac Desktop (Part II).

Gmail Labs: Undo Send! TGFU (thank goodness for undo)

undo send

The people behind Gmail are constantly working to add features to their already kick-ass email client web application.  Google Labs is sort of like a toy chest for Gmail, containing dozens of major and minor plug ins for the Gmail client.  Some of these […]

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