DIY licensing is the future?

Cory Doctorow has a thought-provoking piece out there about intellectual property rights and the clusterf*ck that is digital licensing today.

If you’re running an enlightened company, you might have a Creative Commons license hanging out there for non-commercial, “fannish” uses….

But somewhere between Creative Commons and full-blown, lawyerly license negotiation is a rich, untapped source of income for creative people and firms with portfolios of iconic material. To cash in, you just need the courage to let go of a little control.

The idea, though not a huge departure from Creative Commons, relies on a “choose your battles” approach and it makes quite a good deal of sense.  The relinquishing of control might be tough for some, but Cory lays out the framework of rights management for the rest of us.  And seeing as how “the rest of us” makes up the staggering majority of content creators these days, this approach could be a step towards turning “pirates” into partners.

via Internet Evolution – The Big Report – Digital Licensing: Do It Yourself.

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