iPhone: New iTunes Store Rating Feature?

IMG_0523Funny thing happened to me today while i was deleting an iPhone app.  I held down on the icon till they all started jiggling like ripe cherries then tapped the X to remove.  Then i see this…..

Never noticed […]

Delete Search Recommendations





So y’know how everything you type in a search field gets stored and suggested back to you for ever and ever?  […]

What I’m Into: lately

overcompensatingIt’s not as if you asked, but here are my latest delicious links, from June 18th through June 26th:

Love Your Farmers Market Contest sponsored by Care2.com and LocalHarvest.org -Support LOCAL.
OVERCOMPENSATING: The Journal Comic With a Seething Disdain for Reality. –bwaaaahahah-hahaha. Hehhehehehe. Heh. *chortle*
‘Eco-kosher’ […]

iTunes Tip: those arrows

iTunes_arrows_ACKThose arrows, those pesky arrows. You know the ones that appear next to every track in your library and the iTunes store?  And only serve the purpose of directing you to purchase things.  When they first appeared in iTunes you were left with the option to […]

The Bar Code Turns 35 Today

upc_barcodeAn historic event?  And now 35 years later the bar code is being reinvented as the DataBar, or GS1.  For the better?  The new DataBar standard seems rather half-assed to me.  If we are going to require the […]

UPDATE: Cooperation Enters the National Discussion on Healthcare


Good idea?  Bad idea?

Heck, i’m just excited to see this being seriously considered on the national stage.  Adopting a cooperative health care system in this country isn’t exactly taking baby-steps, but it is introducing the concept, and the […]

Mac OS X Basic Training Session coming up – 6/29

beachballUse a Mac for work or play? Want to learn how to use it better?


New / Beginner Mac users
Recent “switchers” (just gave up your WIndows PC for a Mac)
Long time Apple users looking to pick up […]

What I’m into: today

It’s not as if you asked, but here are my latest delicious links, from today.

How to Craft Your Personal Business Model – FreelanceSwitch – The Freelance Blog -This is getting me thinking about the freelance biz plan. What’s my professional mission? What are my professional values?

once you can say with certainty how you […]

CCMA09: Closing Ceremonies

Thank you CCMA!  Thank you Pittsburgh!  Thank you Ann Hoyt.  Thank you People’s Food Co-op Board of Directors.  Thank you Chris Von Rabenau.  Thank you Jane from East End Co-op.  Thank you Jim & Pam Meltzer.

Here are pictures from the last night of the conference and then our Sunday excursion to Fallingwater and points beyond!


— Tak Tang, Wedge Community Co-op & Joel Brock, People’s Food Co-op


The final workshop of the conference.  An IS4C demonstration, including its history and its evolution, leading all the way up to the latest releases of […]

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