How to peel a banana

O yeah, like this is worthy of a blog post?  Well, if you, like the fellow in the video, have spent your entire life peeling bananas by yanking on the stem (“top”) you should watch this video.  The stem method, while mostly effective, usually results in a bit of banana-mush.  Align yourself with your primate forebears (if you believe in that sort of thing) and try the bottom-up technique demonstrated here.  Cause this is how monkeys do it…

You’re never too old to learn life-altering skillz such as these.  Our wilder counterparts have much to teach us; have you ever watched a monkey or ape opening a coconut?  Way more graceful than most humans i’ve seen try.  And if you’ve been using the carrot-peeler to get into your bananas then you are just being a jerk about the whole homo-habilis/tools thing.

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