Scientists find your aura, new agers not impressed

bodies_emit_lightA team of Japanese researchers have photographed actual light particles emitted from living humans.  Thus confirming through “science” what hippies have known all along.  These photons differ from infrared light, which everyone already knows about, and is caused by heat radiation.  We’re talking about honest-to-goodness LIGHT.  On the order of roughly 0.000001 lumens or candela, or candlepower.  Basically, you need a crazy-sensitive camera to see this stuff.  Or maybe just an open 3rd eye.

“If you can see the glimmer from the body’s surface, you could see the whole body condition,”

The team hopes that these images can help in medical diagnosis.  I see the technology as a potential goldmine: image “auric” photobooths!  I can see bars and boardwalks with these chintzy woo-woo little booths that snap shots of your glow in full saturated color.  Like mood rings, only unnecessarily complicated and prohibitively expensive.

via AOL News

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