Bioavailability: How to Get More Nutrients from Your Food | Wise Bread

I like this simple post with nutritional advice for upping the bioavailability of your comestibles.

Quick tips:

Phenol-rich beverages such as coffee or tea inhibit iron absorption from otherwise iron-replete foods like spinach, chard, or eggs (all breakfast staples in my book).
Black pepper is always delicious.  And turns out, it also […]

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I get real juiced up going to conferences and hackathons and such.  The energy of working side-by-side with gifted individuals, and the accelerated learning that goes on swells up my brains and fuels my ambition engine.  Plus camp is awesome!

In November I’ll be getting my fill for […]

XKCD “music video” pays homage to one of the greats

This makes incredibly nerdy blog post no. 2 for today.  But i am a big fan of XKCD, and this little musical video does a nice job animating some of the themes of the strip.

The music is by Olga Nunes, the film is based on this particular strip.


The CIA is reading your Facebook page. Do you care?

google_ciaThe investment branch of the CIA, In-Q-Tel, has just started pouring money into a Visible Technologies, a software firm the specializes in filtering the internet.  Visible provides customers with a feed of whats being said about….anything, online, right now.  Customers put in a few keywords and […]

The last musical instrument you will ever buy

alpha-bigFrom what i can gather, the Eigenharp is the future.  In all it’s Franken-instrument glory.

Not that i realistically expect to start seeing these things around Thom Yorke’s neck anytime soon, but this cutting-edge instrument is truly bridging the […]

Art & Science: Two great tastes taste great together


What could this image be?  A sketchy Van Gogh rendering of a hayfield at dawn-light?  Perhaps?  A photograph of a 10-year old preparation of barbital, fenacetine, valium, and acetic acid?

Well, if you chose the latter then give yourself […]

What I’m into: today

It’s not as if you asked, but here are my latest delicious links, from today.

50cycles bike accessories – Spooklight USB rechargable Wireless Bicycle Safety Indicator, brake light and iPod recharge –

The ultimate in touch-sensitive, USB-compatible, iPhone-friendly, rechargeable, bike safety. Kinda cool, i want it in a way that annoys me.

Did Cooking Give Humans An […]

What I’m Into: lately

It’s not as if you asked, but here are my latest delicious links, from October 6th through October 14th:

Status Address Bar :: Add-ons for Firefox –

A handy FF plugin that makes the status bar (at the bottom of the browser window) obsolete. Simply displays a link URL in the location bar rather than the […]

OS haX: Undocumented, inaccessible, and incredibly useful

As enjoyable as Apple’s software is to use, they like to make us work.  Hidden below the surface of most Apple software are hundreds of undocumented little “switches” which can be turned on to enable new sooper-seekrit features.  By the same token, these switches can be disabled to remove […]

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This appeals to me on so many levels.  Honestly, i don’t know what else to say.

spare the

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