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I get real juiced up going to conferences and hackathons and such.  The energy of working side-by-side with gifted individuals, and the accelerated learning that goes on swells up my brains and fuels my ambition engine.  Plus camp is awesome!

In November I’ll be getting my fill for FREE at OpenSQL Camp 2009 Here in Portland, Oregon.  From their wiki:

this will be an un-conference style get together for people interested in Open Source Databases. We are not focusing on any one project, and hope to see representatives from a variety of open source database projects attend. OpenSQL Camp is free and its format is designed to blend spontaneity with the quality and depth that comes only with pre-planning. We borrow a little from many different styles of conferences to achieve this. Our target audience are users and developers, but others are encouraged to attend too. There will be both presentations and hackathons, so there will be plenty of opportunities to learn, contribute, and collaborate!

Events/Portland2009/ – OpenSQLCamp.

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