The last musical instrument you will ever buy

alpha-bigFrom what i can gather, the Eigenharp is the future.  In all it’s Franken-instrument glory.

Not that i realistically expect to start seeing these things around Thom Yorke’s neck anytime soon, but this cutting-edge instrument is truly bridging the gap between digital and analog music performance.  I have never seen so much expression built into an electronic instrument, or flexibility for that matter. Incorporating a “fretboard” of 120 keys, with 12 more heavy-duty keys at the base, presumably for some thumb-thumping basslines or such.  Each of these keys are pressure-sensitive, and wiggle-able on all axes, for vibratto, pitch-bending, hammer-on-pull-offs, whatever!  It has two touch-sensitive sliders that run the length of the neck.  O, and a breath pipe!

The fretboard can be split up into multiple instruments, the thing loops, and all the while it’s plugged into your Mac so, basically, there is nothing that this gizmo can’t do.  Sonically-speaking of course.

Here’s a vid of 3 guys rocking out on 3 Eigenharps.  They’ve each been playing for only a couple months (though i assume they were already accomplished musicians before they picked this thing up).

If you care to know more, like how much it costs (TEASER:  $6,302), or other tech-y details, you can read the full article on Engadget.  There are also more vids of the creator showing off his widget,  As well as the Pico version of the Eigenharp.  A melodica-lookin’ thing with much of the same technologies, for what i hope will be a more palatable price.

Eigenlabs website

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