What I’m Into: lately

It’s not as if you asked, but here are my latest delicious links, from December 30th through February 2nd:

  • Send a FAX by E-mail

    Yes, thats right. SEND a FAX by EMAIL! No registration, no cost. Just follow the easy instructions on the page. I love this, it's like the blu-ray version of BETAMAX.

  • The Card Game – How Visa, Using Fees Behind Its Debit Card, Dominates a Market – Series – NYTimes.com

    This detailed look at the world of credit/debit cards is a must read for anyone who uses a card to pay for anything. Ever.

    The system is broken and will never get fixed if we don't even know that it's broken because it's too damn obfuscated to make any sense out of it. But it sure is convenient…. Just remember: Convenience is expensive.

  • 10 Tax Deductions Freelancers Can Make | FreelanceSwitch

    Some of these are common sense, some are not. But worth the short read if you are a freelancer.

    The comments are lively and informative as well, some extra pointers in there too.

  • Virtualization: Windows on a Mac

    this has been a hot topic as droves of Windows devotees cast off the dogma of an ancient regime and begin adopting Macs. RobG lays out a comprehensive guide here covering the 3 major players in Mac virtualization, including how to pick the right one for you, in-depth looks at each one, caveats, suggestions, and more. Very useful resource if you are just getting into the wild, woolly world of OS virtualization.

    I just started playing with Parallels 5 and i really like the Coherence mode that allows me to run Windows apps as if they were just another Mac app on my machine, seamless, unobtrusive, and COOL!

  • Save MySQL! » Customers pay the bill

    Whether you know it or not this has much to do with the neutrality of our internet. Free software is used to run MOST of the internet. And MySQL is a big part of what makes that possible. It puts the "M" in LAMP.

    The acquisition of MySQL by Oracle would be nothing short of monopoly. Oracle DBs are the industry standard. MySQL is the scrappy open-source alternative that won't go away. If Oracle acquires MySQL you can be sure that it will finally go away.

  • Move Your Money

    A worthy New Years Resolution: Move you money away from "un-failable" banking giants and into your community.

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