Science Says High-Fructose Corn Syrup Is Pretty Much The Worst Thing Ever

Science attempts to de-mystify orange drink

Science attempts to de-mystify orange drink

The title pretty much says it all.

In addition to causing significant weight gain in lab animals, long-term consumption of high-fructose corn syrup also led to abnormal increases in body fat, especially […]

The Story of Bottled Water

From the animators who brought us The Meatrix, Store Wars, and The Story of Stuff, comes a new chapter in The Story of Stuff saga: The Story of Bottled Water.

If you haven’t already watched the 20-minute long “Story of Stuff” you should.  It’s pretty good, and the payoff in the end is that the […]

My new wallpaper « Mark Goetz


Every time i have to sit through a powerpoint, i want to kill a kitten! But Tufte is a bit more hardcore than i am.

UPDATE:  Congrats, BTW, to Tufte on his new government appointment!

via My […]

Video: This is easily the coolest thing I've seen an iPhone do this week.

Ummm… Yeah. I have no idea how this works. Which naturally makes me immensely curious about the whole thing.

via Video: This is easily the coolest thing I’ve seen an iPhone do this week.

MacUpdate Bundle worth it for Parallels 5

mupromoMacUpdate has a software bundle up with 10 apps for less than the retail price of a single app! A la the much-disputed MacHeist. The MU bundle may be worth it for the $20 break on […]

Make: Online : Adult Fans of Lego - a Blocumentary

AFOL stands for Adult Fans of Lego according to Brickwiki.  And now AFOLs have their own documentary—er,  blocumentary…

If you ever played with Lego, then you will enjoy this.

Heck! If you even just know what Lego is then you will still appreciate this 30 minutes of nerdery.

As an added Lego-bonus, check out Gizmodo’s exclusive tour […]

A stupid simple WordPress eCommerce plugin

Word Press e-Commerce Plugin a WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin by InstinctWP ecommerce plugin

Looking for a no muss no fuss ecommerce plugin for WordPress?

This looks to be the one.

I had tried eShop on a previous site and found it […]

What I'm Into: lately

It’s not as if you asked, but here are my latest delicious links, from March 11th through March 18th:

Samepoint Social Conversation Search Joel Brock | Social Mentions -This one comes to me via my Google Alerts. It’s a social conversation search engine, showing you not only whereabouts on the internet your name appears, but […]

Tools I like very much

I’m a dabbler.  Always dabbling.  I have no qualms about handing over my username and password to any webapp that looks useful / worth 5 minutes of my time.  As a result i have A LOT of member accounts all across the internet.  Most of these new sites or services get tossed aside, either […]

What I'm Into: lately

It’s not as if you asked, but here are my latest delicious links, from February 16th through March 9th:

Neil Dawson's Horizons

Neil Dawson’s Horizons « We got more bounce in Columbus. -Cartoons invade the third dimension. This […]

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