Garfield Minus Garfield Tops It's Own Metaphysical Despair

Garfield minus garfield is saaaaaaad

As one who grew up reading everything Jon Davis penned, and then proceeded (later in life) to read much of the likes of Heidegger, Kierkegaard, and Nietzsche, i have a supreme appreciation of the “webcomic” Garfield Minus Garfield. G-G is real easy to sum up: Take an old Garfield comic strip, remove any appearance of any character besides the inimitable Jon Arbuckle, and watch as existential hilarity ensues!

The concept is so simple (and plagiaristic). Yet, something happens when we isolates Jon’s desperate life from its normally comedic surroundings… The blank panels, where acerbic quipping once was, serves to create a sense of timing in the strips that underscore the absurdity, and despair of Jon’s already lonely life.

I am just continually amazed at how MANY old Garfield strips can be repurposed into soul-crushing portraits of human suffering.

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