Chance favors the connected mind

So.  What you think?


Trick question:  it’s not what you think!

For procrastinating: – Somehow, some developers figured out a way to build a pretty dang realistic array of music gear IN A WEB BROWSER.  And now you can play with it and be a musician […]

HyperDock Brings Windows 7 Goodness to Mac

windows 7 barHyperDock for Mac – Brings Windows 7 Goodness to OS X –

Fusing the best of both wonderful OSes, HyperDock brings that oh-so-helpful popup window that appears when you hover your mouse over […]

Music without strings

ASCAP SucksTaste is the most subjective sense, taste in foods, taste in other humans, etc.  Never truer than when talking about musical tastes.  But there is one thing about music that is universally understood and agreed upon:  and […]

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