HyperDock Brings Windows 7 Goodness to Mac

windows 7 barHyperDock for Mac – Brings Windows 7 Goodness to OS X

Fusing the best of both wonderful OSes, HyperDock brings that oh-so-helpful popup window that appears when you hover your mouse over the Windows 7 taskbar to the Dock in OS X. This is super-helpful for bringing to the foreground the specific window you need right now.

Plus, it’s free-er than the alternative.

1 comment to HyperDock Brings Windows 7 Goodness to Mac

  • There’s Witch, by ManyTricks software, which also provides a great solution to snappy window-finding.
    However HyperDock rolls in some added goodies to sweeten the pot, like Windows screen-edge snap resizing, which i now use all the time! ANd some other nifty keyboard shortcuts for window mgmt.

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