Some GrEaT productivity resources

gmail-blackbeltAre You a Gmail ninja? – An assortment of common and less-common Gmail tips, hacks, labs features, and smart suggestions for managing your Gmail world.  Organized into skill levels from white belt to Gmail master, this is a really dang comprehensive resource for Gmail users and power-user hopefuls.

I’d also encourage you to try out Priority Inbox as well, for a hyper-intelligently filtered list of your email, showing you what’s important and seperating out the signal form the noise.




inbox-imgTop 10 Productivity Basics Explained – Kevin Purdy of compiles a top 10 of some of the most tried and true productivity hacks.  This is a great introduction into several far more complicated techniques, but only if you want to get that deep.  The rabbit hole only goes as deep as you want it to go.




HARVEST – The single best business expense i’ve made has been my subscription to Harvests time-tracking and invoicing web app.  I use Harvest to log ALL my time spent working, coding by client and project as i go.  Then, when it comes time to invoice the client, a couple clicks generates a professional-looking invoice, and a couple more to send the invoice off to the client, No paper, no postage.  They include an option to receive Paypal payments on your invoices, if you’re into that.

Harvest has also recently gotten off their duffs and released an official iPhone app that is just a delight to use!  The old un-official app never quite synced right, so i would end up with timers running overnight.  If only those were billable hours….

Another productivity tool that has become more and more useful is


Dropbox – Too lazy to reach into your pocket to pull out your flash drive?  Then you need Dropbox!

This little Swiss army knife is little more than a secure, personal, 2GB flash drive that lives on the net.  Where it gets interesting is the companion software (available for Mac, Windows, and Linux) which makes your Dropbox folder appear as a folder in your Home directory.  Just drag & drop.  Love it!

I even have mine set up to allow me to trigger downloads on my home computer from anywhere.  Very cool/handy.

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