9 Essential Resources for Portland Artists

look but don't artBasically, Portland is overrun with artists and creative types, which is great, because it really deepens the culture of our city!  Not so great for the creatives however, who fight to find a niche, notoriety, […]

Art & Science: Two great tastes taste great together


What could this image be?  A sketchy Van Gogh rendering of a hayfield at dawn-light?  Perhaps?  A photograph of a 10-year old preparation of barbital, fenacetine, valium, and acetic acid?

Well, if you chose the latter then give yourself […]

(title unknown)

This appeals to me on so many levels.  Honestly, i don’t know what else to say.

spare the

via (title unknown).

Hi: A REAL human interface

Who didn’t / doesn’t still think that machines work because of the tiny gnomes inside them?

I love the creativity and papercraft involved here.

[via Aza Raskin]

Wanting to share the awesome: Periodic printmaking

periodic printsNothing work or technology related here today.  But i did stumble upon this absolutely stunning little art project employing 96 artists and all manner of print-making.  Can you intaglio awesome?  Check out the whole thing here.  And click on each one for big versions of each.

The MOD family crest

MOD crest

As MOD sometimes i feel like sheriff of the co-op.  “A badge would be smashing!”  I thought.  “No WAIT!”  I proceeded.  “A family crest.  A source of pride for MODs everywhere.”

This is the rough draft.

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