LinkedIn group Cooperation Among Cooperatives’ name says it all — ACCA

Some canadian guy interviewed me about the LinkedIn group i started over 7 years ago. Then he wrote an article about it….

‘If it’s actually fostering co-operation among co-ops, then I say mission accomplished,’ says Joel Brock


Via Alberta Community and Co-operative Assn. : LinkedIn group Cooperation Among Cooperatives’ name says it all — ACCA

Reward Volunteers® — A volunteering app for iPhone and web

reward volunteersReward Volunteers® — A volunteering app for iPhone and web – An iphone app by Cabot Cooperative Creamery that lets volunteers keep track of their labor for the org.s they volunteer for, as well as letting […]

The Scale-Out Blog: Building the Open Source Hackers Cooperative

open-source cooperation

open-source cooperation

Now i am sharing with you an article by a DBA on co-ops as an answer to the current dilemma of how to subsist as an open-source software developer.  It’s an earnest look at the […]

UPDATE: Cooperation Enters the National Discussion on Healthcare


Good idea?  Bad idea?

Heck, i’m just excited to see this being seriously considered on the national stage.  Adopting a cooperative health care system in this country isn’t exactly taking baby-steps, but it is introducing the concept, and the […]

CCMA09: Closing Ceremonies

Thank you CCMA!  Thank you Pittsburgh!  Thank you Ann Hoyt.  Thank you People’s Food Co-op Board of Directors.  Thank you Chris Von Rabenau.  Thank you Jane from East End Co-op.  Thank you Jim & Pam Meltzer.

Here are pictures from the last night of the conference and then our Sunday excursion to Fallingwater and points beyond!


— Tak Tang, Wedge Community Co-op & Joel Brock, People’s Food Co-op


The final workshop of the conference.  An IS4C demonstration, including its history and its evolution, leading all the way up to the latest releases of […]

Google supports Cooperation

From the company that don’t “be evil“, a generous and vocal gesture in support of cooperation:

CDF Gets a $120,000 Google Grant

The Cooperative Development Foundation recently received $120,000 in ad credits from, the non-profit arm of the search-engine giant. The grant helps CDF boost its ranking on the Google search engine, and helps gain greater […]

CCMA09: The Role of IT in Co-ops

— Tak Tang, IT Manager, Wedge Community Co-op & John Eicholtz, IT/Management Team, Greenfields Co-op

“What we do is never understood but always praised or blamed” — Friedrich Nietzsche

OK, i confess.  I spent the afternoon geeking out in the only two tech workshops of the conference.  I was asked to sit in on the discussion of […]

CCMA09: Cooperation Among Cooperatives in a Policy Governance Context

— Don Kreis, Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society & Erbin Crowell, Cooperative Fund of New England

This was another great session full of lots of valuable information.  I’m in a hurry though so i’m going to make this one snappy!

First off, our co-op heritage is one of an integrated cooperative economy.  This means stretching across sectors.  And […]

CCMA09: Depression-Era Co-ops

— Ann Hoyt, University of Wisconsin

This one was a GOOD one!  This topic could be it’s own semester-long college course.  But obviously we had to breeze through the material in an hour and a half.  I am not a history buff, and i took notes as best i could, so consider this a disclaimer.  I’ll […]

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