The spirit of the times, so says You/Google

Screen shot 2009-12-01 at 12.10.23 PMIt’s December 1st.  Let the year-end retrospectives begin!  For the rest of 2009 we will be hearing all about the top 5, 10, 100 everythings of 2009.  And who better to kick that off than the […]

Music that inspires: Rocketboy saves the day!

Last Thursday i went to The Waypost in N. Portland to support my friends who were giving a poetry reading there.  That was, of course, great!  The reason for this post though is not to hype my friends, or their literary journals, or their recently published chapbooks, but to […]

Carrotmob for change through positive cooperation

While not tech-related, this infotaining video demos a cooperative, people-based approach to change. The full vid is over 10mins and worth the time IMHO.

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