The brilliant intersection of infographics and really crappy MS Paint art

Graphs – The brilliant intersection of infographics and really crappy MS Paint art.  From the creator:

I have rules for my creative proses. (sic)
#1-Only trackpad (No mice)
#2-No take backs (If it’s not right then I just make it work as best I can)
#3-Use graphing for good (Not evil)

People whos talent I am jealous of: Stefanie Posavec

Consider this the first in my one-part series on human beings who have a gift and talent the makes my blood seethe with envy. This prestigious burden gets placed today onto Stefanie Posavec. Stefanie is a 28-year old Denver native who has managed to snag the recent cover design gig for internet wunderkinds […]

Government Inspired

Don’t know what to say except, wow!

I’ve just been picking apart Utah’s state website for like, a while. It’s kind of amazing…. If you’ve never been you should at least take a look, i could spend […]

Real, artful, mobile wallpapers that i might actually want to have on my phone

poolga wallpaper

Now THAT's wallpaper

Poolga. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch wallpapers for the rest of us. –

Poolga offers a directory of wallpapers for mobile devices from artists, designers, and illustrators, and as far as I can tell…. they are […]

My new wallpaper « Mark Goetz


Every time i have to sit through a powerpoint, i want to kill a kitten! But Tufte is a bit more hardcore than i am.

UPDATE:  Congrats, BTW, to Tufte on his new government appointment!

via My […]

Delicious innards!


This gorgeous ad is making my mouth water.  Not positive but the body and cavity look CG, no?  Doesn’t look real, but the produce, now that looks good!  ….OK, getting a little too excited about vegetables […]

People that make me jealous: A2/SW/HK

a2_sw_hkI super-enjoyed perusing the online portfolio of A2/SW/HK just now!  Despite their name being a bit hard to say/type, their work is phenomenal.  Their treatment of type is very much in the style of the best Swiss poster […]

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