Declaration of Internet Freedom

Declaration of Internet Freedom

Declaration of Internet Freedom – Signed.  Also, check me out:


This just keeps getting better: Danger Mouse to release blank CD

dark night of the soulI can’t help but remain optimistic and joyful when i read stories like this one.  Already released in it’s entirety online (NPR)—boasting such collaborators as Sparklehorse, Iggy Pop, members of The Pixies and The Stroke, with appropriately spooky […]

DIY licensing is the future?

Cory Doctorow has a thought-provoking piece out there about intellectual property rights and the clusterf*ck that is digital licensing today.

If you’re running an enlightened company, you might have a Creative Commons license hanging out there for non-commercial, “fannish” uses….

But somewhere between Creative Commons and full-blown, lawyerly license negotiation is a rich, untapped source of income […]

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