[fannie] reporting results tables now rendered using javascript.  javascript now handles sorting, striping, XML browser-caching, and more.  resorts are MUCH faster, esp. on large data sets.

[fannie] BUG corrected on gross total and department sales queries.  double-counting of vendor coupons was causing dayend discrepancies and totals to appear artificially lower.

[IS4C] added patronageSwitch session variable.

[SQL] fixed bug in view dctenders, now tender report will show cashback AND the correct cashier number

[IS4C] rewritten tender reporting script for use with lane accountability

[fannie] transaction lookup: added javascript to search fields, auto-selects checkboxes now, i should really add this to the member mgmnt module as well…

[IS4C] BRAND NEW KEYMAP!!  Much improved layout and use of space.  some changes intended to address common cashiering errors.

[IS4C] fixed bug in nightly maintenance script at lane one that was caused periodic slowdowns during the day

[fannie] Queries can now pull from any dates for which there’s data ( > 2006-01-04)

[fannie] Product list sorts by description, useful for inventory.

[fannie] Removed the sort by pulldown from the product list form.  all sorting can now be done in the results table header.

[fannie] Bolded the GROSS total on the period report for emphasis.

[fannie] Dayends can handle date input in YYYY-MM-DD or in american MM/DD/YY formats.

[fannie] Hourly sales report fixed for reporting on a single days sales.

[SQL] added active field to batches table for use with Fannie’s sales batcher

[fannie] sales batcher has visual readout on main page displaying batch activity status.  also allows for at-a-glance batch toggling

[SQL] changed batches.startDate from TIMESTAMP to a DATE field.  Much better this way!

[fannie] revamped force/reset function.  moved ON/OFF switch to main page.  improved nightly sale change script.

[fannie] added SHOW ACTIVE/INACTIVE BATCHES button to sale batcher main page

[fannie] remove bulk teas and NF pet dept buttons from search options

[fannie] 2008-02-20 – fixed column sorting bug in department sales reports.  also improved the sort feature for finding desired info in fewer clicks.

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