CCMA09: Closing Ceremonies

Thank you CCMA!  Thank you Pittsburgh!  Thank you Ann Hoyt.  Thank you People’s Food Co-op Board of Directors.  Thank you Chris Von Rabenau.  Thank you Jane from East End Co-op.  Thank you Jim & Pam Meltzer.

Here are pictures from the last night of the conference and then our Sunday excursion to Fallingwater and points beyond!


— Tak Tang, Wedge Community Co-op & Joel Brock, People’s Food Co-op


The final workshop of the conference.  An IS4C demonstration, including its history and its evolution, leading all the way up to the latest releases of […]

CCMA09: The Role of IT in Co-ops

— Tak Tang, IT Manager, Wedge Community Co-op & John Eicholtz, IT/Management Team, Greenfields Co-op

“What we do is never understood but always praised or blamed” — Friedrich Nietzsche

OK, i confess.  I spent the afternoon geeking out in the only two tech workshops of the conference.  I was asked to sit in on the discussion of […]

CCMA09: Cooperation Among Cooperatives in a Policy Governance Context

— Don Kreis, Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society & Erbin Crowell, Cooperative Fund of New England

This was another great session full of lots of valuable information.  I’m in a hurry though so i’m going to make this one snappy!

First off, our co-op heritage is one of an integrated cooperative economy.  This means stretching across sectors.  And […]

CCMA09: Depression-Era Co-ops

— Ann Hoyt, University of Wisconsin

This one was a GOOD one!  This topic could be it’s own semester-long college course.  But obviously we had to breeze through the material in an hour and a half.  I am not a history buff, and i took notes as best i could, so consider this a disclaimer.  I’ll […]

CCMA09: Is it Art, or is it Linkage?

— Mark G., Michael Healy, Bentley Lein, CDS Consulting Co-op

Understanding the board’s role as leaders/pioneers will naturally result in more effective leadership and member linkage.  Not news to us board members who spent the recent board retreat exploring this very subject.  So, maybe not all of this workshop was news to me per se, but […]

CCMA09: Giving Effective Feedback

— Sarah Zaug, The Wedge, HR manager

There was plenty of discussion which led to some worthwhile take-aways.  Such as:

Supporting the GM/Link – This role is difficult and lonely.  We often see and hear that Lori is stressed, overworked, and working looong hours.  How can we better support the Co-Manager filling this role?  The better equipped […]

CCMA09: Friday AM Keynote

The juicy bits of the conference have finally commenced bright and early this morning with the keynote address.  Speakers were Ann Hoyt, of the University of Wisconsin Co-op Extension Program and main organizer of these annual CCMA gatherings.  Adam Schwartz, VP of Member Svcs. for NCBA, and Mark Meyer, CEO of the Filene Institute, a […]

CCMA09: Busted

The Portland Contingent

I just thought this was too hilarious:  In a room full of cooperators from all over the country i find Lori (People’s), Holly (Food Front), and Courtney (Alberta) standing around a table […]

CCMA09: Help needed…Scheduling

Hey Boardies! If you’re out there i need your help! There are way too many great-sounding seminars to attend and i need to figure out which ones to attend! And soon! So here’s the break-down, starting with Friday AM:

Friday June 12th 10:30am—12:00pm:

Winning in Tough Economic Times (Michael Sansolo, Sansolo Solutions LLC) […]

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