LinkedIn group Cooperation Among Cooperatives’ name says it all — ACCA

Some canadian guy interviewed me about the LinkedIn group i started over 7 years ago. Then he wrote an article about it….

‘If it’s actually fostering co-operation among co-ops, then I say mission accomplished,’ says Joel Brock


Via Alberta Community and Co-operative Assn. : LinkedIn group Cooperation Among Cooperatives’ name says it all — ACCA

Reward Volunteers® — A volunteering app for iPhone and web

reward volunteersReward Volunteers® — A volunteering app for iPhone and web – An iphone app by Cabot Cooperative Creamery that lets volunteers keep track of their labor for the org.s they volunteer for, as well as letting […]

Jelly is co-co-co-co-working

jelly4That’s community, collaborative, cooperative, uh…co-working.

And Jelly is a bottom-up approach to getting telecommuters, knowledge workers, and other shut-ins out into the world and sharing. From the website:

Jelly is a casual working event. It’s taken place in over a […]

The Scale-Out Blog: Building the Open Source Hackers Cooperative

open-source cooperation

open-source cooperation

Now i am sharing with you an article by a DBA on co-ops as an answer to the current dilemma of how to subsist as an open-source software developer.  It’s an earnest look at the […]

UPDATE: Cooperation Enters the National Discussion on Healthcare


Good idea?  Bad idea?

Heck, i’m just excited to see this being seriously considered on the national stage.  Adopting a cooperative health care system in this country isn’t exactly taking baby-steps, but it is introducing the concept, and the […]

Google supports Cooperation

From the company that don’t “be evil“, a generous and vocal gesture in support of cooperation:

CDF Gets a $120,000 Google Grant

The Cooperative Development Foundation recently received $120,000 in ad credits from, the non-profit arm of the search-engine giant. The grant helps CDF boost its ranking on the Google search engine, and helps gain greater […]

Carrotmob for change through positive cooperation

While not tech-related, this infotaining video demos a cooperative, people-based approach to change. The full vid is over 10mins and worth the time IMHO.

Critical flaw in the internet that you don’t need to worry about.

Sometimes people wonder what it is that i do here all day (and sometimes night) long.  Sometimes nobody cares but i feel like sharing anyhow.  Lately i’ve been patching servers and shoring up our inter and intranet security.  You see…

A while back, internet security researchers discovered a problem with the interwebs.  In the words of […]

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