People whos talent I am jealous of: Stefanie Posavec

Consider this the first in my one-part series on human beings who have a gift and talent the makes my blood seethe with envy. This prestigious burden gets placed today onto Stefanie Posavec. Stefanie is a 28-year old Denver native who has managed to snag the recent cover design gig for internet wunderkinds […]

The Food Environment Atlas tells you if you are in a food desert, or an oasis

Perhaps in the last year you’ve heard mention of the term “food desert” to describe an area with a dearth of grocery and fresh food options.  There are plenty of towns in the […]

My new wallpaper « Mark Goetz


Every time i have to sit through a powerpoint, i want to kill a kitten! But Tufte is a bit more hardcore than i am.

UPDATE:  Congrats, BTW, to Tufte on his new government appointment!

via My […]

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