Backing up Gmail…..Just in Case

peace of mindIf you are one of the many who relies on Gmail as your base of operations then you are no doubt enjoying it’s many productivity-enhancing features (labels, filters, priority inbox, i’m talking to you).  But what if the unthinkable should happen? […]

What I’m Into: lately

It’s not as if you asked, but here are my latest delicious links, from December 30th through February 2nd:

Send a FAX by E-mail –

Yes, thats right. SEND a FAX by EMAIL! No registration, no cost. Just follow the easy instructions on the page. I love this, it's like the blu-ray version […]

What I’m Into: lately

It’s not as if you asked, but here are my latest delicious links, from October 16th through November 10th:

MockFlow: Online Wireframe Tool for Software and Websites –

Rapid prototyping, collaborative, website wire-framing.

Yes, websites creating websites is getting pretty "meta". Deal with it!

I Love Local Commercials – Sponsored by MicroBilt Corporation –

Nominate your favorite business to […]

Gmail Labs: Undo Send! TGFU (thank goodness for undo)

undo send

The people behind Gmail are constantly working to add features to their already kick-ass email client web application.  Google Labs is sort of like a toy chest for Gmail, containing dozens of major and minor plug ins for the Gmail client.  Some of these […]

Gmail tip: Mute a discussion thread

gmail mute

gmail mute

Subscribe to a lot of mailing lists do you?  Receive a lot of email about stuff you don’t really care about?

Reclaim control over your inbox!  Behold, the “Mute” feature in Gmail.  […]

Inbox Zero: a new email frontier



I spent the entirety of last week uploading mail from user accounts into the Google.  and what i saw in the process shocked and frightened me!  i saw massive, bloated inboxes, overflowing with unread messages and one-off memos […]

Advice for Controlling Email Onslaught

How do you do it?!
Inquiring minds want to know!

A top 5 list from the website of my personal productivity guru Mr. Merlin Mann.  These are some easy and quick tips for improving the quality of our email communication.  Humankind has had roughly 10,000 years to master the written word, and we’ve had maybe 20 years […]

[SPAM] Easily mark messages as junk

junk iconNeil asks:

Hey Joel,
Would it be possible to set up another key (spam) that we can
click on and the checked items, or the item we are reading
and they go into the spam folder, probably along the top with
the, Expunge,Read, etc. Might be a little easier for some
folx ?….Thanx/Neil

Yeah, definitely! I […]

[SPAM] Even MORE junk filtering!

junkmail1One added suggestion for improved spam filtering on your inbox. Remember in the previous tutorial where i had you go into your Mail Preferences and edit that junk mail rule? We are going to do something similar to that.

There is a spam filter on the mail server […]

Email: Making hyperlinks actually work in emails

Links in emails are tricky cuz sometimes you want the recipient to be able to click the link in your message but when they receive the message half the URL is blue and clickable but half isn’t! What gives?! Here’s a trick: put a long URL string in between the greater-than/less-than signs […]

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