For procrastinating: – Somehow, some developers figured out a way to build a pretty dang realistic array of music gear IN A WEB BROWSER.  And now you can play with it and be a musician […]

Music without strings

ASCAP SucksTaste is the most subjective sense, taste in foods, taste in other humans, etc.  Never truer than when talking about musical tastes.  But there is one thing about music that is universally understood and agreed upon:  and […]

What I'm Into: lately

It’s not as if you asked, but here are my latest delicious links, from February 16th through March 9th:

Neil Dawson's Horizons

Neil Dawson’s Horizons « We got more bounce in Columbus. -Cartoons invade the third dimension. This […]

Two Thousand and Fine: Download This

READ THIS:  Important instructions on getting PRESENTS…

You lucky, lucky people!  You don’t even know.

Merry everything to everyone, and i truly mean that.

Because i am feeling so generous i’ve gone ahead and made presents for EVERYONE I KNOW (and even some folks i don’t know, i’m sure)!

To claim your […]

What I’m Into: lately

It’s not as if you asked, but here are my latest delicious links, from December 7th through December 16th:

Dive Into HTML5 –

Great reference material on HTML5. If you're into that sort of thing.

WhoSampled – Discover and Discuss Music Samples and Cover Songs –

This is actually a really cool music-nerd website. Search songs, find […]

XKCD “music video” pays homage to one of the greats

This makes incredibly nerdy blog post no. 2 for today.  But i am a big fan of XKCD, and this little musical video does a nice job animating some of the themes of the strip.

The music is by Olga Nunes, the film is based on this particular strip.


The last musical instrument you will ever buy

alpha-bigFrom what i can gather, the Eigenharp is the future.  In all it’s Franken-instrument glory.

Not that i realistically expect to start seeing these things around Thom Yorke’s neck anytime soon, but this cutting-edge instrument is truly bridging the […]

Music that inspires: Rocketboy saves the day!

Last Thursday i went to The Waypost in N. Portland to support my friends who were giving a poetry reading there.  That was, of course, great!  The reason for this post though is not to hype my friends, or their literary journals, or their recently published chapbooks, but to […]

This just keeps getting better: Danger Mouse to release blank CD

dark night of the soulI can’t help but remain optimistic and joyful when i read stories like this one.  Already released in it’s entirety online (NPR)—boasting such collaborators as Sparklehorse, Iggy Pop, members of The Pixies and The Stroke, with appropriately spooky […]

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