OS haX: Undocumented, inaccessible, and incredibly useful

As enjoyable as Apple’s software is to use, they like to make us work.  Hidden below the surface of most Apple software are hundreds of undocumented little “switches” which can be turned on to enable new sooper-seekrit features.  By the same token, these switches can be disabled to remove […]

Mac tip: UN-minimize a window from the App Switcher

Yet another new one to me!  And such a useful little nugget too…  If you already have command-tab hardwired into your muscle memory then you may just love this tip for pulling minimized windows out of the Dock.  Directly from the Application Switcher (cmd + tab heads-up display).  Using only the keyboard.

Snippets make TextExpander amazing

TE_logoIf you re not familiar with TextExpander, it’s a utility which runs in the background on your computer all the time and does nothing, until you type out a predefined string of characters.  It then leaps into action, replacing those characters with a preset block of […]

Delete Search Recommendations





So y’know how everything you type in a search field gets stored and suggested back to you for ever and ever?  […]

Mac OS X Basic Training Session coming up – 6/29

beachballUse a Mac for work or play? Want to learn how to use it better?


New / Beginner Mac users
Recent “switchers” (just gave up your WIndows PC for a Mac)
Long time Apple users looking to pick up […]

Mac users take note: Disable Java in your browsers

A friendly public service announcement to the droves of Mac-toting netizens out there who browse the webs with an inflated sense of security:  Your system is weak.  Whether or not you decided to ignore the warning signs and upgrade to the latest OS X 10.5.7 recently, you are all equally susceptible to an exploit that […]

Added security for your desktop, part II

padlock menubar

Stumbled across this post on Mac desktop locking and and learned a few things myself.  They cover the Keychain Access method.  They also highlight some nifty/useful widgets and preference panes.

Via UsingMac.com: Lock Your Mac Desktop (Part II).

Added security for your desktop

Do you deal in sensitive information?  Private?  Paranoid?  Cautious?  Then this tip is for you!

In this tutorial i will demonstrate a quick and easy way to help protect any sensitive data from prying eyes or passersby.

padlock menubar

padlock menubar

Allow me to draw your attention to the padlock […]

Screencast: Learn about QuickLook

QuickLook is a spiffy new feature of OS X 10.5 “Leopard”.  In the following screencast i’ll show you how you can use QuickLook to work more quickly and easily on documents and email.

Click here to view the screencast.

Merging PDFs using software you already have!

Maybe some day you are working on some documents and you realize that it’d be soooo much easier if you could just combine several of your docs into one nice big doc.  Naturally, you are concerned with accessibility so you’ve chosen PDF as your file […]

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