Government Inspired

Don’t know what to say except, wow!

I’ve just been picking apart Utah’s state website for like, a while. It’s kind of amazing…. If you’ve never been you should at least take a look, i could spend […]

The Story of Bottled Water

From the animators who brought us The Meatrix, Store Wars, and The Story of Stuff, comes a new chapter in The Story of Stuff saga: The Story of Bottled Water.

If you haven’t already watched the 20-minute long “Story of Stuff” you should.  It’s pretty good, and the payoff in the end is that the […]

The CIA is reading your Facebook page. Do you care?

google_ciaThe investment branch of the CIA, In-Q-Tel, has just started pouring money into a Visible Technologies, a software firm the specializes in filtering the internet.  Visible provides customers with a feed of whats being said about….anything, online, right now.  Customers put in a few keywords and […]

What I’m Into: lately

It’s not as if you asked, but here are my latest delicious links, from August 23rd through August 31st:

Typedia: A Shared Encyclopedia of Typefaces –

a lovely resource for font and fonty info. I just brushed up on my type anatomy lingo.

Financial Software for Linux | –

A super-concise rundown on what's what with financial […]

UPDATE: Cooperation Enters the National Discussion on Healthcare


Good idea?  Bad idea?

Heck, i’m just excited to see this being seriously considered on the national stage.  Adopting a cooperative health care system in this country isn’t exactly taking baby-steps, but it is introducing the concept, and the […]

What I’m Into: lately

It’s not as if you asked, but here are my latest delicious links, from June 9th through June 11th:

Ecotrust Food & Farms – Farm to School –

Want to know what kinds of amazing food policies are being considered in the Oregon legislature? Ecotrust breaks it all down for you. Let's hear it for […]

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