The Bar Code Turns 35 Today

upc_barcodeAn historic event?  And now 35 years later the bar code is being reinvented as the DataBar, or GS1.  For the better?  The new DataBar standard seems rather half-assed to me.  If we are going to require the […]

[Fannie] Look! It’s a new report.

item sales menu2This ones geared more towards the buyers (but–if you’re a geek like me–then looking at our numbers can be really fun):

Maybe you’ve already noticed. Perhaps you haven’t. There’s a new report under the reports menu in Fannie. It’s called Item Sales, and this one can […]

What an age we live in! Look up products right from your desk.

backend menuCustomer service. It’s what we do!

And thanks to the advances that People’s Co-op has made in the wide world of technology we now have at our disposal several tools to help us provide better customer service than ever before. Take, for example, our web-based POS backend. Your […]

POS: Sales batching, the hows & whys

backend menuHere’s a handy tutorial for all of yalls that work with product in the product database, buyers, produce team, i’m talking to you here. Part of our backend system allows for the creation of product batches, essentially a group of items, for putting on sale all at once and […]

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