Declaration of Internet Freedom

Declaration of Internet Freedom

Declaration of Internet Freedom – Signed.  Also, check me out:


Chance favors the connected mind

So.  What you think?


Trick question:  it’s not what you think!

Google DNS benchmarked. And it's s l o w .

It’s official, Google has taken over the internet.

If you missed the news, or just don’t care, Google announced the launch of their new DNS service.  In their own words, you could think of DNS as “the switchboard of the Internet”.  The move to offer this new service is a vertically integrated move for Google to […]

The spirit of the times, so says You/Google

Screen shot 2009-12-01 at 12.10.23 PMIt’s December 1st.  Let the year-end retrospectives begin!  For the rest of 2009 we will be hearing all about the top 5, 10, 100 everythings of 2009.  And who better to kick that off than the […]

The CIA is reading your Facebook page. Do you care?

google_ciaThe investment branch of the CIA, In-Q-Tel, has just started pouring money into a Visible Technologies, a software firm the specializes in filtering the internet.  Visible provides customers with a feed of whats being said about….anything, online, right now.  Customers put in a few keywords and […]

In defense of distraction: the yang to your type-A yin

attentionThe irony of a 7-page article on our collective attention-span going down the tubes with our meds and artificial sweeteners is not lost on me.  Nevertheless.  I honestly and truly read this whole article, straight through, without ever […]

Mac users take note: Disable Java in your browsers

A friendly public service announcement to the droves of Mac-toting netizens out there who browse the webs with an inflated sense of security:  Your system is weak.  Whether or not you decided to ignore the warning signs and upgrade to the latest OS X 10.5.7 recently, you are all equally susceptible to an exploit that […]

DIY licensing is the future?

Cory Doctorow has a thought-provoking piece out there about intellectual property rights and the clusterf*ck that is digital licensing today.

If you’re running an enlightened company, you might have a Creative Commons license hanging out there for non-commercial, “fannish” uses….

But somewhere between Creative Commons and full-blown, lawyerly license negotiation is a rich, untapped source of income […]

Critical flaw in the internet that you don’t need to worry about.

Sometimes people wonder what it is that i do here all day (and sometimes night) long.  Sometimes nobody cares but i feel like sharing anyhow.  Lately i’ve been patching servers and shoring up our inter and intranet security.  You see…

A while back, internet security researchers discovered a problem with the interwebs.  In the words of […]

RSS: Really Simple Stuff…

RSSOK. So now we’ve got a nifty new resource for disseminating tech-knowledge-y: This weblog. But MAN! what a hassle it’ll be to have to check yet another spot in addition to the logs and the emails and the voicemail, etc. Luckily it doesn’t have to […]

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