Graceful solution of the day

graceful solutionsSo today i was looking for a good-sized chunk of available disk space on one of my 5 hard drives.  I found a folder with random things and i could-not-for-the-life-of-me remember what […]

Some GrEaT productivity resources

gmail-blackbeltAre You a Gmail ninja? – An assortment of common and less-common Gmail tips, hacks, labs features, and smart suggestions for managing your Gmail world.  Organized into skill levels from white belt to Gmail master, this is a really dang comprehensive resource for Gmail users and […]

What I’m Into: lately

It’s not as if you asked, but here are my latest delicious links, from December 30th through February 2nd:

Send a FAX by E-mail –

Yes, thats right. SEND a FAX by EMAIL! No registration, no cost. Just follow the easy instructions on the page. I love this, it's like the blu-ray version […]

What I’m into: today

It’s not as if you asked, but here are my latest delicious links, from today.

50cycles bike accessories – Spooklight USB rechargable Wireless Bicycle Safety Indicator, brake light and iPod recharge –

The ultimate in touch-sensitive, USB-compatible, iPhone-friendly, rechargeable, bike safety. Kinda cool, i want it in a way that annoys me.

Did Cooking Give Humans An […]

OS haX: Undocumented, inaccessible, and incredibly useful

As enjoyable as Apple’s software is to use, they like to make us work.  Hidden below the surface of most Apple software are hundreds of undocumented little “switches” which can be turned on to enable new sooper-seekrit features.  By the same token, these switches can be disabled to remove […]

More than just colors: My bash settings

bash_promptIf the title suggests to you either a party, or violence, then perhaps this post isn’t for you. If instead you are imagining a blank window filled with text, read on. If you are confused right now, but also strangely curious, you may feel […]

Mac tip: UN-minimize a window from the App Switcher

Yet another new one to me!  And such a useful little nugget too…  If you already have command-tab hardwired into your muscle memory then you may just love this tip for pulling minimized windows out of the Dock.  Directly from the Application Switcher (cmd + tab heads-up display).  Using only the keyboard.

Snippets make TextExpander amazing

TE_logoIf you re not familiar with TextExpander, it’s a utility which runs in the background on your computer all the time and does nothing, until you type out a predefined string of characters.  It then leaps into action, replacing those characters with a preset block of […]

How to peel a banana

O yeah, like this is worthy of a blog post?  Well, if you, like the fellow in the video, have spent your entire life peeling bananas by yanking on the stem (“top”) you should watch this video.  The stem method, while mostly effective, usually results in a bit of banana-mush.  Align yourself with your primate […]

Delete Search Recommendations





So y’know how everything you type in a search field gets stored and suggested back to you for ever and ever?  […]

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