iTunes Tip: those arrows

iTunes_arrows_ACKThose arrows, those pesky arrows. You know the ones that appear next to every track in your library and the iTunes store?  And only serve the purpose of directing you to purchase things.  When they first appeared in iTunes you were left with the option to […]

Added security for your desktop, part II

padlock menubar

Stumbled across this post on Mac desktop locking and and learned a few things myself.  They cover the Keychain Access method.  They also highlight some nifty/useful widgets and preference panes.

Via Lock Your Mac Desktop (Part II).

Gmail Labs: Undo Send! TGFU (thank goodness for undo)

undo send

The people behind Gmail are constantly working to add features to their already kick-ass email client web application.  Google Labs is sort of like a toy chest for Gmail, containing dozens of major and minor plug ins for the Gmail client.  Some of these […]

Gmail tip: Mute a discussion thread

gmail mute

gmail mute

Subscribe to a lot of mailing lists do you?  Receive a lot of email about stuff you don’t really care about?

Reclaim control over your inbox!  Behold, the “Mute” feature in Gmail.  […]

Quicktip: Zooming in Microsoft Excel

This tip from Rob Griffiths at Mac OS X Hints was news to me, and SUPER-helpful:

If you’ve got a scroll wheel mouse … you can zoom the active worksheet in Excel by holding Control and Command and then moving your scroll wheel up (increase zoom) or down (decrease zoom).

Works with the two-finger scroll on your […]

Added security for your desktop

Do you deal in sensitive information?  Private?  Paranoid?  Cautious?  Then this tip is for you!

In this tutorial i will demonstrate a quick and easy way to help protect any sensitive data from prying eyes or passersby.

padlock menubar

padlock menubar

Allow me to draw your attention to the padlock […]

Windows tip: Change the default filetype in Word 2007

If you are using a windows machine at home there’s a chance you are running Microsoft Office 2007.  I’ve ranted before about this but in this version of MS Office the default filetype is different.  If you’d like to change this aggravating “feature” so that you might […]

Mac tips: Navigate and highlight text using the keyboard

Apple Modifier Keys

We spend a lot of time on the computer in text-based applications like Mail and Word. Switching your right hand back and forth between the keyboard and mouse to select things or move the cursor can really slow you down when you are feeling the flow. So for […]

OS X Basics: Viewing long filenames

view long filenamesA quick & useful tip for viewing long filenames in the finder courtesy of The Unofficial Apple Weblog:

Have you ever opened up a Finder window in column view and found yourself confronted with truncated file names? It’s quite annoying. Here’s a quick fix.

At the bottom of the […]

OS X Basics: The finder views

Hopefully we are all familiar with the Finder. Your documents are in the Finder, your Applications, all of it, accessible through the Finder window. The Finder is the filing cabinet for all of your computerological ‘stuff’ on the Mac. But unlike the standard filing cabinet, the Finder has some neat tools to […]

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