Tools I like very much

I’m a dabbler.  Always dabbling.  I have no qualms about handing over my username and password to any webapp that looks useful / worth 5 minutes of my time.  As a result i have A LOT of member accounts all across the internet.  Most of these new sites or services get tossed aside, either […]

Jelly is co-co-co-co-working

jelly4That’s community, collaborative, cooperative, uh…co-working.

And Jelly is a bottom-up approach to getting telecommuters, knowledge workers, and other shut-ins out into the world and sharing. From the website:

Jelly is a casual working event. It’s taken place in over a […]

Merlin Mann Lays It Out: Get Started!

hotdogsladies_tweetI continue to find Mr. Mann’s talks on the business of doing creative things thought-provoking and (yes, at times) inspiring.  He is of course talking to a contemporary generation of what he refers to as knowledge-workers, so the […]

How to be busy in happiness

…or rather, How to be Happy in Business.   Same thing right?  I really enjoy this Venn diagram representation of the balancing/juggling/dance that we do as we work our way through life.


Bud Caddell who keeps […]

In defense of distraction: the yang to your type-A yin

attentionThe irony of a 7-page article on our collective attention-span going down the tubes with our meds and artificial sweeteners is not lost on me.  Nevertheless.  I honestly and truly read this whole article, straight through, without ever […]

The NEW office!

As some of you may know, i recently quit my job to pursue possibilities.  My livelihood will be earned along with so many others as a free-lance tech consultant and graphic designer.  A ballsy move to be sure.  But have faith.

Once i had finished with the old gig i needed to do some serious refactoring […]

10 Principles That Might Make Your Work Better or May Make It Worse

I like this post on AisleOne a lot, i especially like the intro:

I hate the word “tip.” It implies that there’s something that you don’t know. Some secret little gem that, when sprinkled on your work, your creative process, your diet, or your sex life will magically make it all better….Tips are easy. And shallow. […]

A Joel’s-eye-view


I spent about 5 minutes in photoshop stitching together these snaps i took from my phone during the Jan. CM meeting. The finished product made me giggle so i thought i’d share.

The real one is BIG. You can see it on flickr. Here.  Don’t forget to scroll to the […]

The MOD family crest

MOD crest

As MOD sometimes i feel like sheriff of the co-op.  “A badge would be smashing!”  I thought.  “No WAIT!”  I proceeded.  “A family crest.  A source of pride for MODs everywhere.”

This is the rough draft.

What an age we live in! Look up products right from your desk.

backend menuCustomer service. It’s what we do!

And thanks to the advances that People’s Co-op has made in the wide world of technology we now have at our disposal several tools to help us provide better customer service than ever before. Take, for example, our web-based POS backend. Your […]

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